SG Rosasharn BB Cento ++*B/*S

7/9/2009 ~ 10/3/2016

Height 6/1/2013 22.6"

2011 LA:  VE+ 86; 2013 LA:  +++ 83 (shivering and hunched)

Extended Pedigree


Sire: ++*B Rosasharn WT B-Bo *S 05-01 89 VEE

SSire: Rosasharn Tom's Water Tabby *S

SDam: SG/ARMCH Rosasharn UMT Honey Bee 4*M/4*D 04-02 88 VVEE

Dam: SG Rosasharn P Haiku 4*M/5*D 05-02 91 VEEE

DSire: Doe-Sy-Doe's Patte'n

DDam: ARMCH Rosasharn TL Unagi 3*M/4*D 


Cento's Dam:   SG Rosasharn P Haiku 5*D -2010 ADGA National Grand Champion Sr. Doe; ADGA 2010 Top Ten Butterfat and Protein; 2011 ADGA National Total Performer; 2011 ADGA National Reserve Best Udder; ADGA 2011 Top Ten Milk, Butterfat and Protein

Cento's Full Sister:  Rosasharn BB Poetry In Motion -1st place junior kid 2010 ADGA National Show

Cento's ADGA Genetics Page 

A patchwork poem is a Cento, and given his multicolored patchwork coat we felt this was an appropriate name for our little herdsire.  Given the outstanding milk and udder genetics behind this boy, we felt that he was likely to produce elegant and very dairy daughters.  He has not disappointed us!  His twin brother, GCH Rosasharn BB Tom Bombadil +*B, is showing his greatness at Helderberg Hollow.  And to top it off, Cento's maternal brother and paternal nephew Rosasharn SH Epic *B sold for $8700 at the 2011 ADGA National Convention Spotlight sale on Oct 22, 2011 - the highest valued goat in the sale as well as the highest selling in the ADGA Spotlight Sale for the past 15 years!  Congratulations to Anne Petersen of Rosasharn Farm and Kathy Sullivan of Jasper Pine!

Noteable daughters:


  • SG RHV CTO Sweet Melody 4*M: LA 01-11 VVEE 89 (2nd fresh)
  • SG Alethia CTO Dew It Again 6*M (Angie): LA 03-02 EEEE 91
  •   CH Alethia CTO Eye of the Sky (Selene): LA 04-04 VEEE 90; 4th place 4 yo 2015 ADGA Nationals
  • SG RHV CTO Peppermint Patty 7*M: LA 03-01 ++EV 86; Best Udder of Breed, 2013 Missouri State Fair
  • SG Alethia CTO Moon Shadow 5*M: LA 03-05 VVEV 88 (stale); 2nd lactation 305 DIM, 930#, 58 bf (6.2%), 40 protein (4.3%)
  • SG RHV CTO Rachel 4*M: 2015 LA VVVV 88 (2nd fresh); first fresh 305 DIM, 870#, 51 bf (5.9%), 40  protein (4.6%)
  •   SG RHV CTO Leah 4*M: 2015 LA VEVV 89 (2nd fresh)
  •   SG RHV CTO Sunkissed 4*M: 02-11 84 +VE+


Cento has produced some very nice kids out of fine does.  So far, his daughters have freshened with very nice and productive udders!  His daughter, SG RHV CTO Peppermint Patty 7*M residing at Mathiot's Paradise is an awesome milking doe, still producing better than 3.5 pounds a day nearly 4 months into her *first* lactation!  She went RGCH and was awarded Best Udder of Breed at the 2013 Missouri State Fair.   Another daughter, SG Alethia CTO Moon Shadow 5*M 03-05 VEVV 88, earned her superior genetics title on her second lactation (305 DIM, 930#, 58 bf (6.2%), 40 protein (4.3%)).  Another daughter, SG RHV CTO Rachel 4*M, is doing very well on her first lactation (305 DIM, 870#, 51 bf (5.9%), 40 protein (4.6%)).  And last, but certainly not least is his daughter SG RHV CTO Sweet Melody 4*M, whose second freshening has come with a beautiful and capacious udder, with her linear appraisal 02-11 VVEE 89 as unbiased evidence!  This just in:  SG Alethia CTO Dew It Again (Angie), residing  at Hetland Creek, appraised EEEE 91 at 3 years old as a 2nd freshener!  Cento's sons are serving as herdsires from coast-to-coast: at GryphonTor (Alethia CTO Just Dew It *B), Aura Acres (Alethia CTO Moon Beam *B), and Holden Creek Farm (RHV CTO Titian *B), as well as here RHV CTO Cointreau +*B, RHV CTO Schroeder *S, and RHV CTO Show-Me Flourish +*B.

We feel truly blessed to have such a fine buck as a herdsire.  He is indeed our miracle boy, having received a life-saving, ground-breaking surgery to repair an esophageal fistula remaining after an injury as a young buck.  To learn more about the heroes who came together to give Cento a chance at a normal buck's life, visit Cento's story, still a work in progress. An updated version available here.

Cento has been DNA typed and semen collected.  He is buckskin with extensive white, carrying black.


Here's an example of what this boy has done.  Doe he was bred to on the left, and daughter on the right:








SG Rosasharn P Haiku 5*D - photo courtesy Anne Petersen - Rosasharn FarmRosasharn BB Poetry in Motion - Photo courtesy Anne Petersen - Rosasharn Farm

Rosasharn WT B-Bo ++*B - Photo Courtesy Anne Petersen - Rosasharn Farm


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