Welcome!  You've entered the new website of Red Horse Valley.  We are now in Rolla, Missouri near the family farm.  The banner of our website shows a beautiful picture of one of the fields on the farm.

We're meeting some wonderful Nigerian Dwarf Goat breeders, and we'd like to thank Pam Ebert of Agape Oaks,  Anne Petersen of Rosasharn Farm, Joanne Karohl of Dragonfly Farm, and Julie Husek & Robert Brinkman of Helderberg Hollow Farm for breeding fine stock which has become the foundation for our RHV progeny.

Feel free to explore these pages, meet the does and bucks, and take a peek at our future plans for breeding.  Our does are on DHI herd testing, and I will update these pages with results.  As our goal is to breed for quality milk production, we feel this is essential to making our breeding decisions.

We are routinely screening for CAE, CL, Johnes, and Brucella.  All our goats over 6 months of age tested negative August 2011 (WADDL) for CAE, CL and Johne's, with subsequent random testing and continued negative results.  In addition, we have linear appraisals to evaluate the conformation, structure, and soundness of our mature stock, with our first appraisal August 2011.  Results will be posted so our potential customers can make well informed decisions.

Enjoy your visit, and come back often.


First Freshening: Goldie, Janey, Jelly, Gem 2010