SG IronwoodRanch CY Macadamia 3*M AR

DOB 2/16/2011

2012 LA: V+E+ 83;  2013 LA: VVV+ 85; 2015 LA: VVVV 88

Extended Pedigree 

Sire: +B SG IronwoodRanch JD Curly 03-02 86 V+E

SSire: Desertnanny MC Jedediah 02-06 91 VEE

SDam: SG IronwoodRanch SJ Minnie 2*M/2*D 03-01 84 +EE+

Dam: SGCH IronwoodRanch SJ Pecan 2*M/2*D 05-04 90 VEEE

DSire: +*B SG Esperanza MB Smarty Jones +S 05-06 83 AEE

DDam: Esperanza WS Warbonnet *M/*D


Macadamia's ADGA Genetics Page 

 I'm so very happy to have been able to obtain Mac from the Carpenter's at IronwoodRanch.  I've admired SGCH IronwooRanch SJ Pecan 2*M - both her beauty and production.  Pecan has earned Breed Leader status with both ADGA and AGS for Top Ten Production in 2009.  Macadamia's paternal Granddam, SG IronwoodRanch SJ Minnie 2*M has also earned Breed Leader status for lactations ending in 2009 and 2010.  I am expecting that the depth of Mac's pedigree for stellar milk production will bode well for her productivity, as well as productivity for her future progeny.

Macadamia moved from Arizona to Missouri during her first lactation.  I suspect that her future lactations will be more productive without the disruption, especially so early in her lactation.

Macadamia freshened with a lovely doe sired by RHV CTO Schroeder *S.  Unfortunately, a neck deformity ultimately took her life.  The ordeal Macadamia went through is evident in her early second lactation production record.  She had a noticeable drop in production on her second test, however Mac has more than made up for it on her third test.  I believe she is finished grieving, and now she's getting down to business, meaning producing milk!  She thoroughly enjoys being milked and her production level is on an upward trend.

Macadamia appraised well in 2013, scoring very good in every category with the exception of rump.  She appraised + in mammary, and I do believe her capacity has increased since her appraisal.  We'll be looking forward to watching this doe blossom, and hope to have a daughter to retain next year.

Mac has been bred to RHV CTO Cointreau *B for spring 2014 kids.


Current Lactation

Age Fresh DIM Milk # % BF % Protein Height Notes
1-02 277 330 6.71 4.88 22.0

2-01 333 510 7.00 4.67 21.8"
3-03 227 530 5.07 4.88

5.4 4.1

Once a day milking


Reproductive History

4/21/2012: twin bucks by IronwoodRanch AS Bree *S (IronwoodRanch IB SnapCracklPop retained as sire by IronwoodRanch)

4/9/2013: single doe by RHV CTO Schroeder *S ~ RHV SCHR Harlequin Dream (RIP)

6/4/2014: single buck by RHV CTO Cointreau *B ~ RHV CNT Little Pinky

4/6/2015: single doe by RHV CTO Cointreau *B ~ RHV CNT Kahana Royale




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