RHV RB Sea Anemone 4*M

dob 4/20/2013

2014 LA: V+Ec; fs V; 2016 LA: EVVV 88

Extended Pedigree


Sire: Lost Valley CC Red Baron *S 02-02 83 ++V

SSire: +*B Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns *S

SDam: Lost Valley MR Say My Name

Dam: Agape Oaks FC Sea Jelly 3*M 04-02 87 VEEV

DSire: +B Flat Rocks Fire Cracker 03-02 88 +EE

DDam: Flat Rocks Urchin 2*M 03-00 89 VEEV


Anemone's ADGA Genetics Page

Better picture and udder shots coming soon!

Current Lactation

Age Fresh DIM Milk # % BF % Protein Height Notes
2-05 326 380 6.8 5.3
Once a day milking

Reproductive History:

9/27/15: One doe (RIP), and two bucks by RHV PZ Captain America

4/14/18: miscarriage?




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