SG Agape Oaks M Golden Fire 3*M/3*D AR

DOB 4/17/2009 ~ 3/17/2019

2011 LA: VEEV 88;  2012 LA: VVVE 88; 2014 LA VEEV 88; 2015 LA VEEE 90

Extended Pedigree

Sire: SG Agape Oaks FC Miracle +B 03-04 77 A++

SSire: SG Flat Rocks Fire Cracker +B/+S 03-02 88 +EE

SDam:  MCH Goodwood Gretta VG

Dam: SG Agape Oaks Fire Hazard 2*M/2*D 04-04 86 VVEV

DSire: SG Flat Rocks Fire Cracker +B/+S 03-02 88 +EE

DDam: Flat Rocks Golden Rule 1*M/*D

Goldie's ADGA Genetics Page 

5 months into first freshening 

12 hr second freshening


12 hr second freshenin














Current Lactation

Age Fresh DIM Milk # % BF % Protein Height Notes
0-11 358 620 5.62 4.65 16.875"

2-02 235 440 5.75 4.60 17 1/4"
3-00 294 670 5.53 4.48 19.6"
4-01 202 570 5.41 4.19

4-11 206 620 5.65 3.07 18.6"
5-10 190 500
Once a day milking
6-11 235
393 5.9 3.8

8-01 367 639 6.1
4.2 18.75"
Once a day milking


Goldie is the little goat who could!  She's a very petite doe, but boy does she produce in the milk bucket!  All of that rich, creamy milk is just perfect for a high yield of yummy cheese.  She is a great dam to boot, raising extremely friendly kids that follow you around like puppies.  

Goldie's dam, SG Agape Oaks Fire Hazard 2*M/2*D, gave a whopping 7.0 pounds on 3/2/2010 for AGS one day milk test!  We're hoping Goldie will produce as well as her dam.  Goldie is very long and dairy, with a beautiful udder, tightly held with plumb teats and great foreudder extension.  Her teats aren't as big as I prefer, however she is easily milked.

Goldie has appraised very well as a 2nd and 3rd freshener.  She was excused from our 2013 appraisal since she had freshened only 2 days prior to our session.  Goldie milked 4.8 pounds on test just shy of 3 weeks fresh.  2013 wass the first year I offered a daughter of hers for sale, having kept all *FIVE* daughters she had given me, as well as a son, RHV CTO Cointreau *B, sired by Rosasharn BB Cento +*B.  Goldie delievered 2 doelings and a buckling sired by Dragonfly T Ashen Myst, all three polled.  RHV AM Golden Flame is retained.

Goldie was bred to Rosasharn SP Cleisthenes *B for spring 2014 kids, delivering quadruplets (3 does, 1 buck)!  She successfully raised each and every one, and is such a good mother.


Reproductive History

4/12/2010: buck/doe twins by Rosasharn SP Cleisthenes *B ~ SG RHV CS Golden Topaz

6/25/2011: triplets - 2 bucks and 1 doe by Rosasharn BB Cento +*B ~ SG RHV CTO Sunkissed  4*M, RHV CTO Cointreau *B and RHV CS Titian

5/15/2012: twin does by Rosasharn BB Cento +*B ~ SG RHV CTO Leah 4*M & SG RHV CTO Rachel 4*M

5/30/2013: triplets - 2 does and 1 buck by Dragonfly T Ashen Myst ~ RHV AM Golden Flame, Celestial Soda Pop and Copernicus (RIP)

3/21/2014: quadruplets - 3 does and 1 buck by Rosasharn SP Cleisthenes *B ~ RHV CS Fire Fly, Blayze O'Fire, Dust O'Gold and Great Balls O'Fire *B

2/25/2015: quadruplets - 2 does and 2 bucks by RHV CTO Show-Me Flourish ~ RHV SMF Live Long, Prosperity, Leonard, and Feldspar Matrix.

3/17/2016: triplets - 2 bucks and 1 doe by RHV CNT Little Pinky

5/26/2017: buck/doe twins by RedHorseValley CNT Dakota

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