SG RHV CTO Sweet Melody 4*M

7/02/2011 ~ 12/2/2018

2012 LA: +++; FS +; 2014 LA: VVEE 89; 2017 LA: VVEV 88

Extended Pedigree


Sire: SG Rosasharn BB Cento ++*B 03-10 83 +++

SSire: ++*B Rosasharn WT B-Bo 05-01 89 VEE

SDam: SG Rosasharn P Haiku 4*M/5*D 05-02 91 VEEE

Dam:  SG Agape Oaks FC Sea Jelly 3*M 04-02 87 VEEV

DSire: SG Flat Rocks Fire Cracker +S/+B 03-02 88 +EE

DDam: Flat Rocks Urchin 2*M 03-00 89 VEEV


Melody's ADGA Genetics Page

Melody is one of several SG Rosasharn BB Cento ++*B daughters born in 2011.  She has impressed me as a refined, young dairy doe, but with good strength.  As with other Cento daughters, she may be slow to mature into her full potential.

Melody was bred to Dragonfly T Ashen Myst for spring 2013 kids, ultimately resulting in a c-section and a single doe doa.  She recovered from her ordeal, and accepted a grafted buckling like a champ.  She's developed a lovely first freshening udder up there with the best of our Rosasharn BB Cento +*B daughters.

Melody has a lovely, high and tight udder with wonderful fore extension.  Her teats are plumb and nice sized.  

Melody has been bred for spring 2014 kids to Rosasharn SP Cleisthenes *B.

Current Lactation

Age Fresh DIM Milk # % BF % Protein Height
1-10 301 490 5.69 4.67
2-09 354
840 5.98 4.67 20.8"
21 1/4"

Reproductive History

5/11/2013: single doe by Dragonfly T Ashen Myst (RIP)

4/29/2014: quads: 2 does, 2 bucks by *B Rosasharn SP Cleisthenes ~ RHV CS Babykins and Triton's Man O'War *B

4/4/2017: single buck by RHV PZ Butch Cassidy

12 hr, second fresh




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