SG RHV CA Eternity's Jewel 8*M/3*D AR

dob 9/25/2015

2017 LA: +V++ 83

Sire: RHV PZ Captain American *B (Dragonfly HLU Piezo d'Electrá x Chenango-Hills Lizabet 6*M)

Dam: SG RHV SMF Fawn 7*M (RHV CTO Show-Me Flourish +*B x SG Alethia RR Queen Bea 6*M)


Introducing RHV CA Eternity's Jewel. This young doe is one of the many descendents of the recently departed (at the age of 14) SGCH Doe-Sy-Doe’s Thumbelina 8*D 90 EEEV loved and owned by my dear friends Julie Husek and Bob Brinkman of Helderberg Hollow in New York. This lovely doe is named in honor of Julie.

Call it fate, destiny, or serendipity, Julie and I were brought together in this life through our goats. Our bucks, SG Rosasharn BB Cento ++*B and GCH Rosasharn BB Tom Bombadil +*B are littermates. My boy, Cento, had a terrible accident which perforated his esophagus. Cento survived, however we were unsure as to what his lifespan may be, so I searched out a doe to breed Cento to in order to have a buck to carry on his legacy should he have a shortened lifespan. I found that GCH Chenango-Hills Bouncy Trixie 5*M/6*D was going to be bred to Bombadil and made a doe reservation. Thankfully, there was a doe kid available for me to purchase (Chenango-Hills Lizabet 6*M), and I was able to meet Julie and Bob on our trip to New England to pick up our goats. Since then, Julie has been only a phone call away, ready to help me through my darkest times of fighting for Cento’s life and much, much more.

RHV CA Eternity’s Jewel is linebred on Chenango-Hills Lizabet 6*M, a great-great-granddaughter of Julie’s beloved Thumbelina. Jewel is a lovely and correct doe (though difficult to photograph since she is so friendly she runs to me whenever I bend down to her level for a picture!). I am hoping that she will follow in the greatness of her ancestry and prove herself to mature into a fabulous milking doe.

RIP dear Thumby! We are all doing our best to carry on your greatness through your descendents.


Current Lactation

Age Fresh DIM Milk # % BF % Protein Height Notes
 1-07  335  598  5.4  4.3  19.5"  Once a day milking

Reproductive History:

4/28/2017: twin does by RHV LP Donnagan