For purchasing information, please see our Terms of Sale  Wethers are priced at $100 each, 2 for $150 or 3 for $200.  We will add pictures of 2017 kids as soon as we get a chance, but you can check out this file for the most updated list and photos! Note: the file size for the .pdf is quite large (6MB)!  Please also see Planned Breedings for upcoming 2018 litters and pricing.


J1 buck dob 3/6/2017

J2 buck dob 3/6/201 RHV LP Angie x RHV SMF Leonard

dob 3/6/2017

twin bucks

$100 each; $250 each registered







J4 buck dob 3/9/17J5 doe dob 3/9/17Dragonfly RY Elation x RHV CTO Show-Me Flourish

2 bucks (one doa); 1 doe (retained)

dob 3/9/2017

buck J4 available @ $175 reg/$100 unregistered





J6 buckJ8 doeJ9 buck








 J7 buck (special needs) SG RHV AM Golden Flame 4*M x Rosasharn SP Cleisthenes *B

3 bucks, 1 doe

1 buck (J9) available $500 buck

dob 3/20/2017






RHV CNT Grace *M x RHV AM Formal Affair

single buck, doa

dob 3/23/2017


J12 wether

J11 buck

RHV SMF Fawn 4*M x RHV CS Great Balls O'Fire *B

2 bucks, one doe

dob 3/24/2017

doe retained, one *B buck available J11 $475 



J15 buck

SG RHV CNT Flashy Citrine *M x RHV PZ Butch Cassidy

buck/doe twins

dob 3/29/2017








Pecan Grove Spirit in the Sky 3*M x Poppy Patch Rollick 'N' Roll

twin bucks

dob 3/31/2017









 J18 buckSG RHV CTO Sweet Melody 4*M x RHV PZ Butch Cassidy

single buck

dob 4/4/2017






DesertNanny LD Grandiflora x RHV LP Donnagan J19 doe

single doe

dob 4/5/2017





J20 doe

J21 buck

RHV AM Bright Eyes x RHV LP Finnian

polled doe & buck twins

dob 4/6/2017






J22 doeJ23 wetherJ24 buck









J25 Rosasharn SH Lady Eowyn 3*M x RHV SCHR Thunderball

2 does & 2 bucks

dob 4/7/2017

J22 available $650 / J23 free w/purchase (wry neck); J24 $300 buck registered/$100 unregistered






J26 buckJ27 buck ~ soldJ28 doe








RHV CS Fire Fly 4*M x RHV SCHR Truth Seeker

2 bucks & 1 moonspotted doe

dob 4/8/2017

J26 *B buck $400




J29 doeJ30 buckJ31 doe









SG RHV CTO Rachel 4*M x RedHorseValley CNT Dakota

2 does & 1 buck

dob 4/12/2017



J33 doeRHV SMF Prosperity x RedHorseValley CA Nikola Tesla

twin does (one doa)

dob 4/12/2017

available $400 (may be retained)







J34 doeJ36 doeJ35 buck

Chenango-Hills Lizabet 6*M xRHV SCHR Thunderball

dob 4/17/2017

2 does, 1 buck

two does (@ $650) and buck ($400 registered/$200 unregistered) available




J37 buck

J39 buck

RHV CS Babykins x RHV AM Formal Affair

dob 4/21/2017

2 bucks, 1 doe (doa)

2 wethers available @$100




RHV SMF Pente x RHV LP Finnian

dob 4/23/2017

single buck as wether $100


J41 buckRHV PZ Blue Belle x RHV CTO Schroeder *S

dob 4/24/2017

buck/doe twins

doe (sold); $100 wether available






J43 doeJ45 doeRHV CNT Thumbelina x RHV LP Donnagan

dob 4/27/2017

2 does / 1 buck

two does @ $500; $100 wether available




J46 doe

J47 doe


RHV CA Eternity's Jewel x RHV LP Donnagan

dob 4/28/2017

2 does

J46 available $400





J48 wetherRHV SMF Yuki x RHV AM Formal Affair

dob 4/30/2017

1 buck and 2 doa does

$100 wether






J51 doe

J53 wether

SG RHV CNT Kahana Royale x RHV SMF Leonard

dob 5/3/2017

1 doe & 2 bucks




J54 buck

J55 doe

RHV SMF Daichi x Dragonfly HLU Piezo d'Electrá

dob 5/5/2017

buck/doe twins

doe retained ~  buck $600 registered





J57 wetherRHV CNT Drop of Golden Sun x RHV LP Donnagan

dob 5/14/17

twin bucks

$100 wether








 J58 buck

GCH Rosasharn TL Uridice 3*M x RHV SMF Leonard *B

dob 5/14/17

single buck








J60 doe

J61 wether

RHV SMF Live Long x Agape Oaks FC Urijah *B

dob 5/23/17

2 does, 1 buck

$400 doe; $100 wether



 J63 buck

J62 buckRHV PZ Buttin' Beltie x RHV SMF Leonard *B

dob 5/24/17

2 bucks, 1 doe

$400 doe; $100 wether



J64 doe


J66 doe

J65 buckSG Agape Oaks M Golden Fire 3*M x RedHorseValley CNT Dakota *B

dob 5/26/17

buck/doe twins retained





 J67 doe

SG RHV CTO Sunkissed 4*M x Poppy Patch Rollick 'N' Roll

dob 5/31/2017

single doe available $475








J70 buck ~ sold

J69 buckRHV CS Elven Magic x Agape Oaks FC Urijah *B

dob 6/1/2017

triplet bucks (one doa)






J72 doe

J71 doe

RHV GBF Wind Dancer x Agape Oaks FC Urijah *B

dob 6/11/2017

twin does

@ $400

(J72 likely retained)